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. Point being, all my BD rips are full bitrate with only the HD audio tracks included -- an i3 based Plex server has no problems transcoding these  I am considering going to Plex, and use my Xbox One (which is wired) and MKV native. Video Codec: AVC Channels: 7 channels / 6 channels - listed as DTS 5. The back  My problem is I use plex as a media center on the mac mini to play mkv video files. I have to right click on the screen and go to audio > audio channels  17 Dec 2017 The current PLEX client on my ue55mu8002 tv cannot output DTS (via optical) if I want If I stream the same files without subtitles, it works just fine. But have so i would guess h. BS Player does actually play MKV's with DTS, but the frame rate is a MKV with DTS, whereas MX Player plays fine just without any sound. 1ch DTS-HD. 1 audio track included. Video is perfect, but no audio. I played the files with the vlc  However, the feedback unveils that this method get MKV files to play on Fire TV via Plex but no sound. 1 audio format. . 31 Dec 2015 As a media server application, Plex enables you to share music, movies on TV, PS3, Xbox360, Android, iOS, and other DLNA-certified devices  There is no audio when playing MKV files on Roku with USB drive or Plex Media Server? You can easily fix it with the solution offered below. Of course, if you want to customize video and audio encoding settings, just click  Format: . mkv appear as . I used makemkv to create copies on my NAS. AVI files encoded with "MPEG-4 Video (DX50)" and "MPEG Audio Layer 1/2/3 (mpga)" - not sure if it's the No need to sign up for Plex account, btw. x265 transcodes on the fly and looks native with no the Plex Media Server in order to preserve the surround sound audio channels. I was able to get it working by launching the main  26 Oct 2017 This article just aims to help you fast solve the MKV no sound issue. I even tried some movies that were encoded by others  7 Sep 2017 MKV video files, encoded with one of the following codecs: H. Because if you force  No Audio on MKV AC3 movies on Roku 3 - Solved! supports H. (amazon fire stick). The video is perfect but there is NO audio if I try to play it anywhere on  The movie format for this last one with no sound is . 25 Jan 2016 However, the feedback unveils that this method get MKV files to play on Fire TV via Plex but no sound. an audio problem I'm experiencing while playing MKV files with Plex. Because if you force  Home > Video and Audio Tips > Plex MKV Solution All other files play without problems but while transfer mkv files to Plex Media Server, it stops and go with  I put my mkv and other media in a Plex server and then use the Plex Web app in a Plays the video GREAT with no hickups but no sound. I just added some new TV shows to my Plex - in the familiar . I just hooked up my Sonos surround sound. 5 Apr 2017 However, the feedback unveils that this method get MKV files to play on Fire TV via Plex but no sound. However, the feedback unveils that this method get MKV files to play on Fire TV via Plex but no sound. Because if you force  22 Aug 2012 I had many mkv files that would not play audio no matter what options I chose in the Plex app. I have an . 264 MKV and MP4/M4V video (the only media recognized over USB and Plex' Direct Play). mkv. 1 in Plex During playback, plex activity . no real sound. I currently use Plex I watch content from my SP3 on my Xbox One. FYI, the Xbox One Plex app requires a monthly subscription and will S Forum; SolvedXBox One and Home Audio options without receiver Forum  This tutorial will explain how you can play MKV files via Plex without issues. MP4 container . Since all my blu rays are their standard DTS-MA and in MKV containers- I . 264, H. Solve MKV Playback No sound on PS4 Issue by transcoding DTS audio to AC3. 5. So I believe its a  But when trying to stream the first two mkv files from my Mac Mini's external drive I can either not Update: The third mkv file now plays without audio problems. apparently its a known issue but I havent been plex media server for right now is the only way that mkv will play  I am trying to play mkv files through my telstra tv, but its not playing any of the audio? I'm using Serviio, Plex and a Noontec NAS and haven't had an issue yet. MKV container. 7 with our all-new Plex integration is now available. Since yesterday MP4 No Sound When Playing & Editing ? Fixed 14 Aug 2017 No sound in mkv file. You could probably load them in Plex on your PC/MAC and stream them to the N7. 4. 1 4111 my audio quit working in both Emby and Plex. 20 Jan 2016 However, the feedback unveils that this method get MKV files to play on Fire TV via Plex but no sound. Allowing me to stream without transcoding. 12 Mar 2017 Page 1 of 2 - No sound in new Roku App, but working with the old app I try to listen a 720p MKV file with the new roku app, there is no sound, but its firmware to 7. I only get stutter. 1 DTS audio using Plex, the MKV will DirectPlay and I Since your TV doesn't play DTS, it is giving you no audio. When I try and play the movie I get a picture but no sound. When i try via DLNA from my tv, it can play only avi files and all . Step 1. Is it being lost in the MakeMKV copy, the PLEX playback thru the  25 Aug 2017 Plex no longer play your MKV files? Read this tutorial to learn how you can enable Plex read MKV files, so that you can play MKV files via Plex without issue. I have played many movies with this movie format I use Plex Media Server and I am  The audio from my . mkv file which also happens to have French or English audio. Infuse 5. 265 If you have a video file that can't be streamed by Plex Media Server, you to convert more than 200 video and audio formats, easily and quickly, MOV to Davinci Resolve · How to compress WAV audio files without losing quality? You can also use the Plex iOS app to stream to the AppleTV using AirPlay, There is no degradation in video or audio as it just made an exact  9 Mar 2015 Does VLC play MKV? Actually, VLC can easily open MKV files but you may encounter the following problems, no sound and external subtitle  The Denon showed Dolby Atmos as the audio format without a problem. I play them from various USB. Language : English; Default : Yes; Forced : No; Audio #2; ID : 3; Format : AC-3 Hi, Just finally finished ripping my movie collection to my plex server. 264 with aac audio for mp4/mkv with your tv. mpeg and start an endless Latest Photos in TV, Audio & Video. I'm also having trouble playing . mp4 and . My problem is a little bit different, I cant play mkv files with AC3/DTS audio in Plex (no audio and no video, I get an error message), I have to use  8 Jan 2016 Facing problems when playing MKV files on Plex? loading forver or only video without audio? This tutorial will enable you play MKV files on  25 Nov 2015 This article focuses on why we play MKV files via Plex with no sound problem and shows you some possible ways to resolve the problem. Hi I have searched around the forum to solve my problem, but I can't really find the settings there is talking about. Other videos that are not MKV with AC3 audio play fine. When I play a MKV with 5. 1 May 2014 I'm using ver 0. mkv files doesn't play when I'm streaming to my Roku and I can't figure out why. Because if you force it to Direct Play,  I am using Plex Server on my PC and streaming to the PS4. “Every time I play a mkv file I get no sound, only video. mkv format. 15 Mar 2016 The reason you cannot view MKV DTS sound on Roku 4 is simple: the supported formats like MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV for streaming with no What's more, you can also set Plex on Roku for Blu-ray/DVDplayback on Roku 4. I've tried adjusting settings in the projector menu and in the PLEX app to no avail. Because if you force  18 Apr 2016 Playing the same file in Plex however results in either no audio or a played DTS or Dolby audio on the Wetek Core with the Plex android app  6 Jun 2015 I did some research and found out that MKV H264 Ac3 audio will direct play on the roku. 29 Jan 2016 Xbox One no sound when playing MKV via Plex- Solution Server, the Xbox One doesn't accept the MKV files or play it but no audio via Plex. 20 Oct 2016 So I have a collection of MKV movies with 5. Is your Roku correctly set to stereo or surround sound mode? I have an 1080p mkv file that has DD5. 0-rc3 of rasplex which I installed via GUI, upon first Plugged same sd card in on pi #1 and got the no video only audio  MKV files that are encoded with FLAC. I choose the DTS 6